Strategy and Business concept

Our value adding services are aimed into positioning our entity as a Professional Procurement Manager specializing in the utilities sector.

Business strategy

Masader formed a unique & strategic “Business to Business/ Business to Government” model that aims towards rapid organic growth by capitalizing on:

  • Building long-lasting partnerships with the world’s leading equipment manufacturers in order to deliver the optimum value-adding services that will result in the greatest impact on our businesses.
  • Delivering a broad range of relevant, personalized and engaging services which will enable us to become our clients’ most trusted partner.
  • Building strong relationships with governmental and semi-governmental agencies to help achieve mutual advantages and common objectives of sustainable development.


  • Having a present and ever-growing development platform in high-growth Markets.
  • Engaging high potential segments in matured and established metropolitans by capitalizing on our differentiated services and equipment.
  • Exponential growth of our market share and accelerated spread of our customer base.
  • Evolve and innovate to be ahead of the competitors; enforce effective planning, benchmarking, and improved productivity which enhances overall performance and deliverables.


  • Accountability: We are accountable of the products and services we deliver before, during, and after the completion of the job.
  • Commitment: We are committed to providing the highest levels of services to our clients, and supporting their business goals.
  • Credibility: Our expertise and knowledge qualifies us to assume a leading role in the utilities market.
  • Excellence: unparalleled excellence in all aspects of the company; excellence in reputation, in service and in qualification.

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