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Masader was founded with a vision to become a prime provider of electromechanical equipment for various residential and industri- al applications in the region. Ever since its inception, Masader’s marketing strategy targeted the water and wastewater utilities segment. Hence, our line of products covers a wide range of these applications. Through our solid marketing efforts, we managed to score some presti- gious jobs with highly respected clients in the region. The increasing concern over global resources and sustainable development has led us to the age where economic development is converging. At Masader, we aim to support the growth and sustain- ability objectives of our relevant stakeholder(s) by delivering the most innovative solutions. We do this first and foremost by gaining a deep understanding of our client’s needs and business goals, leveraging our technical knowl- edge, innovative thinking and problem solving, and delivering vast equipment resources. The name “Masader” is linguisti- cally derived from the Arabic word “ﻣﺼﺎدر” which translates to recourses. Resources that that are vital to the regional infrastructural development in which we are devoted to be a part of. As such, we are equipped with a broad range of expertise to deliver and excel all challenges and expecta- tions. In every process, we offer various solution alternatives to solve complex problems effective- ly and economically.

Our promise

To keep our customers at the forefront of our actions and ensure value in all that we do.


We deliver a wide range of differentiated products that serve the utilities sector. Our range of products includes water treatment equipment in its Preliminary, Secondary, and Tertiary forms. And it includes, but is not limited to

  • Preliminary Treatment Equipment: Screens, Conveyors, Sand Classifiers, Scrapers, Grinders.
  • Secondary Treatment Equipment: Surface Aeration, Bubble Diffusers, Clarifiers, Thickeners, Mixers, Dewatering Equipment.
  • Tertiary Treatment: Sand Filters, Disc Filters, Drum Filters.
  • Other Equipment: Odor Control Systems, Chlorination Systems, Submersible Pumps, Screw Pumps, Air Blowers, MBR, Air Compressors, Shut-Off Devices, Generating sets, GRP Covers, Boilers, Heat exchangers, industrial Ozonators, flow meters.


  • Personalized procurement management services.
  • Supervision of Installations, and Start-up & Commissioning.
  • After Sales Services of supplied equipment and spare parts.
  • Project and Engineering services.

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Recent realizations

  • Business goals & objectives.

    To be a leading GCC entity in supplying quality services and equipment at competitive and sustainable prices.

    To maximize shareholders net worth.

    To achieve growth that exceeds industry peers’ average.

    To Enhance the skills’ development and advancement of our team members.

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  • Business strategy

    Masader formed a unique & strategic “Business to Business/ Business to Government” model that aims towards rapid organic growth by capitalizing on: Building long-lasting partnerships with the world’s leading equipment manufacturers in order to deliver the optimum value-adding services that will result in the greatest impact on our businesses. Delivering a broad range of relevant, personalized and engaging services which will enable us to become our clients’ most trusted partner. Building strong relationships with governmental and semi-governmental agencies to help achieve mutual advantages and common objectives of sustainable development.

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  • Values

    Accountability: We are accountable of the products and services we deliver before, during, and after the completion of the job.

    Commitment: We are committed to providing the highest levels of services to our clients, and supporting their business goals.

    Credibility: Our expertise and knowledge qualifies us to assume a leading role in the utilities market.

    Excellence: unparalleled excellence in all aspects of the company; excellence in reputation, in service and in qualification.

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Our address

AlBandariyah Area Almutlaq Complex - Khobar
P.O Box 36640 Khobar 31954
Saudi Arabia

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Tel. +966 13 887 2407
Fax. +966 13 882 4965

E-mail: info@masader-ksa.com

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